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Last Updated on Thursday, 16 April 2009 23:56 Written by Andrew J. Leer Saturday, 06 September 2008 21:30

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"This is not my life" were the words I heard the day when I spoke with a friend who announced she was quitting her job and moving back to the family business. “I’m tired,” she said I’m tired of khaki pants, being married to a cell phone and wearing a stupid name tag.” Looking down into her latte she muttered should haves. I was aware that she had felt tired often. Out of shape and 15 pounds overweight, her health wasn’t what it had been.

This story could be an illustration for the lives of so many. People today don’t feel like running on the hamster wheel forever. So many have left in pursuit of the greener pastures and found themselves cutting someone else’s lawn. In other cases, we are so bombarded with bad news, Gloom and Doom, it’s hard to face our everyday responsibilities. Route 6 Radio is here because not all of us can drop what we do and move out to rural America for farm life. But we can all learn to become that person we want to be. If we are going to make the world a better place, we need to start with us.

Route Six Radio comes from the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.

Programming is different each day. We bring little to no bad news. We keep our radio positive and informative. We’ll leave the bad news to the other guys, as we know you need a break from gloom and doom radio. No bad news. The same way we would talk to a new friend, each and every listener is treated like a new guest. Story topics are intended to be positive or good natured. In a world filled with dirty laundry, wouldn’t it be nice to hear about something positive for a change? That’s how we live in Route 6 Country and our programming is no different. Our music is composed and created by the people here in the Northern Tier who live this lifestyle.

Route 6 Radio is free without a subscription. No Gimmicks, No Kidding

In an age when we all are looking to save a little, Route 6 Radio is free. No passwords or memberships are required to enjoy our crystal clear programming. All you need is a wifi, dial-up or online connection. You can listen at your convenience - on the train, during your commute or in the office. Not only will the music calm your day with pure grassroots sounds, but the entertaining information will help you relax or plan a trip to Route 6 Country. Sure, we all want to reduce our carbon footprint, save a few dollars, live more responsibly and within our means. Has anyone ever counted up the number of grey hairs they could conserve if they looked inward to a more organic soul?

Before Route 6 was constructed across the northern counties of Pennsylvania, travel across the state was a maze of difficult and ill-kept roads, making contact with family in the next town over more difficult. Route 6 connects many small towns allowing us to explore each one. Route 6 is a way to get back to the basics, back to the way of life we never should have left.

By using Route 6 Radio, you are supporting the arts and encouraging the creation of great art. The products and services and information on Route 6 Radio are domestic in nature, supporting those businesses here at home. The people here are honest and have much to share with those who have never known the rewards of the simple, country life. Route 6 Radio combines the best of technology with a back-to-basics look at radio. Route 6 Radio stands for an appreciation of community.

Route 6 was the icon chosen by the creators of this station because of what it stands for. Pennsylvania. Coming together, trading goods and people to and from the outside area in and back again. Many Pennsylvania goods and services from our rural mountains are available to the people who need them elsewhere, because of the road. Today, Route 6 Radio will be the highway providing knowledge and assistance to those who need a break from the clutter and frustration of a life spinning too fast.