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Water Fowl


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Written by James Saturday, 14 February 2009 04:29

Waterfowl are common in Pennsylvania. So is it any wonder why john James Audubon Made the key stone state his home. The term Fowl would refer to birds commonly used by man, the kind of way that Ducks, Geese and Swans have become so . But in kind, the term also refers to the shore birds, swimmers and waders found in and around our waterways.

So many bodies of water can be found with in our parks and rec areas you can be sure to find a few feathered creatures splashing about or passing by, Stopping in to enjoy our mild warm season, and then traveling South during our colder months. Geese often stop here in Route 6 Country to enjoy the large amounts of farm land and variable habitat. Sportsmen and Bird watchers alike can take advantage of this by hiding away in a blind were geese feed. But that is not your only option. Many of our state parks provide a fine place to find and observe Geese and ducks alike.

But water birds are not limited to the only Ducks and geese on our lakes and parks. The heron is a more common site in Route 6 Country as well. This long legged hunter stalks along the waters edge. Looking below the water for a fish or frog to snatch up in a long beak. Some could sit and watch this bird as he watches the water. But he is not limited strictly to a swimming diet, but can also be seen in the fields and grass lands hunting rodents.

Water birds in pa are numerous. You can see them all along route 6 country.

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