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Elk in Route 6 Country

Wild Elk of Route 6 Country

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Last Updated on Monday, 30 March 2009 15:51 Written by James Monday, 16 February 2009 20:52

Last Fall a man walked into a store in Tioga County Pa, stepped up to the store clerk and said, “I’m looking for Elk”. Confused, the clerk asked what sort of Elk.

“The Pennsylvania Elk herd” he announced, pointing at a folded brochure. This was not the first person to stop in town looking for the wild herd of large animals. So the store owner told the visitor how to find the herd, about two hours West of Tioga County.

Did you know that the largest herd of Elk East of the Mississippi River, is found here in Pennsylvania?
As a matter of fact the. State was once the home of large herds of roaming elk. But man’s move westward and the growth of the timber & farming in the new world changed that. Until 1913 when elk were brought back form the west to ten counties of Pennsylvania. But not all the elk took root. St. Mary’s is a very good area to see The wild Elk. Viewing areas have been created, but yuo could see them in the yards and along the roads. Some people have lawns and grasses The big elk can not resist. It is for this reason that you should keep an eye out for cars along the highway. But please remember the local population wile Elk Watching.
Our own James here at Route 6 Radio said, "The first time I saw these giant Elk, I was not looking for them. I was driving out to look at a tractor I wished to buy. Turning around, I was shocked to see 2 giant Bull Elk, resting right behind me. Being so intrested in my dirrections I had not seen them.
They did not seem to mind me as I took pictures of them. I already had a camera in my hand to take photos of the tractor."
You can find one of the viewing areas for a better look at the Elk. Be on site at sunrise when they rise from there beds. they wild stay close the area, but wonder out to yards and trails close by. Some would say the best time of year to see the Elk is Sep/Oct But Elk give birth in Spring. Seeing a young elk or Calf is just as impressive as the agressive rut season. Check back to this page for more info on the wild Elk of Pennsylvania..