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Mountain Lions

mountain Lions

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 February 2009 16:51 Written by James Saturday, 14 February 2009 06:41

Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to relax. Mountains and valleys that just go on and on for miles. With all that space, some people find it conceivable that large cats prowl those forests.
After all Scotland has a monster, and Champ lives in lake Champlain. Area 51 may host UFO’s in New Mexico. Rummors of mind numb beings have been seen in DC. Bigfoot wonders all over and who knows what other boogeymen go bump in the night. But unlike large harry figures and little green men. Mountain lions are real and are a common site in North America. The one detail that remains to be seen is the evidence of a mountain lion. Scat, tracks or even a carcase has not been produced. Apparently because the decedents of the Nitty Lions are so rare the locals are scarfing up all the proof.

Many locals think that you’ll see Jo-Pah retire before you see a real Pa Panther, but there are others in Route 6 Country who take offence when anyone has suspicion about a cat tail. A dear friend clams to have seen a large cat in a hay field as she worked. Alone and raking hay, she said that the cat perched in a tree, watching her. But when she returned with her husband to show him the large animal, it was gone. Not wanting to look like a fool, I chucked at what I thought was a silly story. But she stormed out of the room angry that no one would listen to her experience. Sure, when the town drunkard tells you a whooper, take it for it’s value, but when an educated business woman, PHD and mother of 3 tells you she saw a big cat.........well?

Stories have been presented, tapes have been turned over to the Game Wardens. However they turn out to be house cats, foxes or Bobcats. AT this point, I’m not going to toss my hat to either side of the pen. But I will say that if you want to know more about the mountain lions of Pennsylvania, stop back in soon and see what we found.

Got a Mountain Lion picture from PA? Send it to us and we may post it here.