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Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 May 2009 14:41 Written by Andrew J. Leer Sunday, 15 February 2009 04:45

This months featured artist, Elizabeth Berkowitz is a woman with many interests.
A business owner in Wellsbro Pennsylvania, She and her partner Jenny Bornemen have a passion for hiking and the great outdoors. A love of the all things wild come threw in Liz’s music.
Her family encouraged music, and like many young people she was forced to take piano.” Liz’s wild spirit came out during those lessons. Refusing to play the 101 basics, she’d play classical music instead. Liz’s love for piano changed into a love of ragtime tunes. This was mixed into the family nights were everyone in the house would pull down an instrument and no matter how good they were, play something.
Some how, along the way, Liz found herself in a very popular local band.

Cornpone Sally, is a local sensation. They don’t play full time. Band Members have
full time jobs, two of them own store front businesses that keep them busy. But from what I can tell, they are still together because it’s fun for all the members of the band. Liz commented that
she didn’t want to be a member of just another Folk band. She seems to like to buck the system. When ever the Cornpone sally takes the stage, they don’t sport a front man. Noone stands in the spot light and no one takes all the glory. Many presume the foursome will pluck out blue grass when they take the stage. However, it’s more like..... Folk Swing if anything. Well, don’t take my word for it. You can pick up a copy of the first CD, Bruce’s Basement or check into there MYSpace page.

They have another CD on the way.

That’s what makes Liz happy. Ever content to find what’s on the next horizon and take a few rabbit trails along the way.

Find more about Liz and her music at